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Photos from Community Volunteers NZ community planting days

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With start-up funding through Te Uru Rākau – Forestry New Zealand's One Billion Trees Fund, the Rotary Trees Trust will initially support the planting of a minimum of 200,000 eco-sourced native plants throughout New Zealand. Organisations throughout Aotearoa are welcome to apply for funding support for their planting project, provided they are confident they can meet the programme criteria. [see below] 

  • Can celebrate/commemorate something that can fit the theme [Peace, Remembrance and Community benefit]

  • Planting must be completed by mid-May 2022

  • Not exclusively wetland or riparian plantings - though can include some of this - there must be a minimum of 750 stems per Ha, of which 300 must grow to be trees of 5 metres in height, or more

  • MPI will fund up to 40% of the overall project cost [up to $6.80 per stem max] which means the project partners must fund about 60% of the total cost - but this includes all in-kind contributions.

  • Plantings must be protected for a minimum of ten years - this may be by covenant or by contract with the Rotary Trees Trust.

Any potential project should be discussed with Dave Sharp, Conservation Volunteers New Zealand’s (CVNZ) National Programme Manager - Dave Sharp's email

CVNZ are contracted to the Rotary Trees Trust as Project Managers. 

The application process

The application for funding through the Rotary Trees Trust is relatively straightforward, with the following requirements.

  • Project Application template, includes:

    • Project description

    • Planting plan including map[s] and species list

    • Maintenance plans

  • Record of title number (RT number) and site location details

  • Project Budget [template provided]

  • Confirmation of co-funding [the Recipient’s contribution to the project costs] cash or in-kind

  • Health and Safety plan for the project.

The CVNZ project manager will work with each applicant to ensure the material submitted to the Rotary Trees Trust is complete; the Trust will then approve and send to MPI for approval-typically this will take 2-3 weeks if all the material is included. If approved, the applicant is required to sign a sub-contract for the funding and project delivery.

    • The funded group will receive 70% of the funding on submission of a signed sub-contract and invoice-payment made no later than the 20th of the following month.

    • On submission and acceptance of Final Report and invoice, 20% will be paid

    • Final 10% paid following verification by MPI of the establishment of the planting in the June following planting.





The Rotary Trees Trust acknowledges the co-funding of this project by Te Uru Rākau – Forestry New Zealand.



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