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The Dallington Landing planting (Christchurch) is flourishing, with some 35,000 plants established leaving another 7000-odd to be planted this winter.

As one of the first major planting projects in the Red Zone, there is keen local community interest in the site, and Conservation Volunteers NZ (CVNZ) is facilitating regular community planting and maintenance days to help ensure on-going local 'ownership' of the forest-to-be.

For the Rotary Trees trust, Dallington Landing is a 'flagship' project with significant involvement from Rotary in Christchurch.

To celebrate this, CVNZ commissioned the production of a video highlighting the social connections with the area and the vision for the site as a forest is established. The video was produced by Stephanie Damm of Guardian Films- Stephanie is a former staff member of CVNZ.

Dallington Landing celebrates achievement with a new video

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